Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Before You Start

A. Ready for College?

B. Sidebar for Parents— Financial

1. Financial Fragility— Sue

2. Trophies for Dad— Daniel

C. Uncertainty? Anxiety? Action

D. The “Rights” of Legacy— Vanessa

E. “It’s Your Fault!”— Marc

F. Collecting Trophies— Jacob

III. Tools for the “Ride”

A. Affect Theory

B. Sidebar for Parents— Reviewing the Past

1. Shame and Guilt— Mick

2. Humiliation— Vanessa

3. Anger and Revenge— Jan

4. Continuation of a Legacy: “Follow Me!”— Ben, Thomas


C. Sidebar for Parents of Young Children


D. Getting to Emotional Neutrality— the Emotions Scale

IV. The Five Stages

Stage 1: Preparation


Stage 2: Engagement


Stage 3: Waiting


Stage 4: Decision Day

1. Success— Accepting with Class

2. the Wait List

3. Rebooting from Rejection

“Do’s”— Richard


Stage 5: Emotional Acceptance— the Power of Perspective— Glenda

VII. Lagniappe

By Barbara Long, M.D., Ph.D.
Cartoons by Harrison Parker
©2015 All Rights Reserved